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Four Indicators of Roof Problems:

1. Roof Blisters

These are bubble-like in appearance, forming when gas or trapped water vapor tries to escape through the roofing structure due to exposure to heat. This is a tell-tale sign that your roofing has existing moisture damage.

Properties with flat roofs are highly susceptible to blisters. The lack of slope causes the water to gather in a puddle on the surface, and will eventually cause extensive moisture damage as it forces its way through. The risk of blisters can be minimized by applying roof coatings to add an extra layer of protection on your roofing system.

2. Visible Tears and Rips

If you notice visible tears in your roofing and large rips, consider replacing it as soon as possible. This is technically an occurrence as your roof experiences wear and tear. The risk is here is moisture exposure, especially if the tears are at the seams of the roof.

3. A Deteriorated Deck

Look at the flat area of your roof and if that area of your roofing is in disrepair, then it is most likely time to replace before more damage occurs. This can be the result of your roof ageing or extensive moisture damage from a storm or heavy rain.

4. Higher Cooling and Heating Demands

Your roofing plays a role in insulating your property, so if you notice that you need to cool or heat your business more, then your roof may be failing. New roofs can save energy.

Fix your roof before more expensive damage occurs. Call or text JLC Roofing at 904-309-3045.

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