Roof Consult

We offer sound, expert advice on your specific roof situation. We can discuss the best methods to make your home safe and to make your important home investment protected.  

As a Fl Licensed General Contractor and Fl Licensed Roofing Contractor, we provide roof and building inspections. 

 Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each home or commercial building.  If we do the work, we ensure the best possible results and maximized value for you. Text or Call 904.309.3045.

Residential Roof

We know which roofing materials work best in our Florida environment and will hep you chose the best for you and your budget.  

JLC Roofing in Jacksonville will provide reasonable roof replacement cost.  We work with you to chose the best for your home, not only for durability and performance but also to make your home more attractive and valuable.  Text or Call 904-309-3045.

Commercial Roof

Commercial Roofs and Roofs for Historic Buildings: JLC Roofing will provide fast, reasonable and professional service for you. 

In Historic Riverside, Springfield, San Marco or Avondale as a licensed General Contractor, we can also help with your restorations, repairs and additions.

Call or Text 904-309-3045.

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FL State Licensed, Bonded, Insured

JLC Roofing is a Florida Licensed General Contractor and a Florida Licensed Roofing Contractor. 

We take pride in providing the highest quality roofing for our residential, commerical, and industrial customers on any sized project. Our reputation is what sets us apart from the competition.


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Roofing problems start out small. 

Fixing the roof problem before there is more damage to your home is important. 

Roof inspections can uncover a great many of these problems. And if handled quickly, you’ll be ensuring your roof structure lasts for as long as it should without leaking and damaging the other building materials in your home


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